Building Survey

This is a comprehensive visual inspection of a property both internally and externally including the grounds, boundaries and outbuildings. Guideline budgets are given against repairs indicated in the report under three categories, serious defects, essential repairs and other repairs.

The survey is particularly suitable for :-

  • Listed properties.
  • Older, period and large properties.
  • Buildings of unusual construction
  • Properties which have been renovated, undergone significant alterations and or been subject to major extension(s)

The report gives:

  • detailed information about the structure and fabric of the property.
  • a thorough visual inspection of the accessible parts of the property both internally and externally.
  • the inspection and report focuses on the condition of the principal elements of the property. Fixtures and fittings are subject to general inspection.
  • a description of visible defects and potential problems covered by hidden flaws.
  • permanent outbuildings converted to living accommodation are inspected at the same level as the main house.
  • permanent outbuildings are inspected but restricted to overall comments unless otherwise instructed.
  • the grounds and boundaries are inspected and where possible any boundary discrepancies identified
  • at the beginning of the report is a summary under the headings, Brief Overall Assessment, Serious Defects with Guideline Budget Costs, Essential Repairs with Guideline Budget Costs, Other Repairs with Guideline Budget Costs, Further Investigations and Matters for you Solicitor.
  • the building survey does not include a market valuation unless specifically requested.
  • reinstatement cost for building insurance cover.

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